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OpenInvest offers self-directed investors unprecedented access to the resources and expertise of professional investment managers.

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Invest with assurance

We’re sure that you’ll love the OpenInvest offering, approach, level of service, and low fees - but you're not locked in so can leave anytime.

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Invest with clarity

OpenInvest has been created to empower investors with knowledge, choice, and control, all in plain language and with nothing hidden.

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Invest for performance

OpenInvest makes it easy for you to review the past performance of each model portfolio, just as the investment managers do.

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  • Self-directed investors get unprecedented access to professional investment managers
  • A broad selection of reputable investment managers and their model portfolios
  • No upfront fee, no adviser fee & no hidden costs or charges
  • Full control of your money with 24/7 access to your own personal portfolio
Our Investment Managers

All investment managers available on OpenInvest have a wealth of experience and extensive records of successful money management, backed by teams of accomplished professionals dedicated to putting their clients' interests first.

Insights Original, informative content to help you understand the world of investing.

As a registered user, you can customise the flow of articles and videos that you see by following investment managers and choosing topics that you're most interested in.

Know Thyself

Explore and understand your investing personality and capabilities by taking our behavioural finance quizzes, created for OpenInvest by a specialist in how behaviour and choices influence financial outcomes. Test yourself, see how you stack up alongside your friends and find out more about investing - before you make any decisions - with the confidence of knowing thyself.