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Our Story

We started OpenInvest to provide a clear, effective, transparent way for you to access the best available investment management expertise.

We want to break down the barriers, share the knowledge, and empower you.



Our Team

The people who created and run OpenInvest, and those on our Board and Advisory Board, bring a wealth of experience and intelligence to our offering.

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Our Partners

OpenInvest is proud to be associated with some of the world's largest investment management firms, as well as industry-leading technology and data companies.

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Should you have any questions, our client service team is here to assist you (between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Australian Time, Monday through Friday).

We also welcome any comments, feedback, and suggestions (we’re not just saying that; we’d genuinely love to hear from you).

Please also check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Phone: 1800 954 549
Email: enquiries@openinvest.com.au 
Post: PO Box 3038, Auburn, VIC, 3123

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