How it works

Information + Choice + Control + Transparency

How it works

Our philosophy is to provide you with an open and transparent investment structure, giving you a choice of investment managers – so you can find one that aligns with your values and investment needs – accompanied by a consistent flow of relevant information.

We want you to have every reason to feel completely comfortable at all stages of your investment experience and no reason to question the people, the process, or the price.

When you become a registered user, you will be able to create your own personalised view, saving your preferences so that you see the insights and investment manager information that you want.

We’ve broken down the entire journey, from the time you start considering investing through to having a well-balanced, well-managed, productive portfolio, into nine steps, four of which come prior to investing and another four after.

How OpenInvest works

ENGAGE with leading Investment Managers through the OpenInvest Marketplace
ACCESS Insights into Investing and learn what sort of investor you are
CHOOSE the Investment Manager that suits you, when you’re ready
SELECT the Investment Category that best meets your needs
INVEST by instructing OpenInvest to act on your Investment Manager's decisions
REST EASY From now on your Investment Manager takes care of your Portfolio
UNDERSTAND how your Investment Manager is thinking
and why they’re updating your Portfolio
VIEW your Portfolio online 24/7
CONTROL Change if you want when you want or withdraw your money

What we provide

Think of OpenInvest as the support structure behind your investment portfolio.

At the start of your journey, we provide a straightforward platform for you to find and absorb as much information as you need about investing and the investment managers available to help you.

You are in control at this point, and you remain in complete control throughout.

In fact, once you decide to become a registered user, you get to control what you see when you visit the OpenInvest website and log in. And that’s even before becoming an investor.

You have a choice of world-class professional investment managers to look after your money.

You have access to a wide range of resources, including reports, discussion papers and seminars.

Our unique platform gives you 24/7 access to your personal and customisable investor portal.

Everything you need is a click away via our intuitive dashboards and reporting functionality.


ACTS as the administrator of your investment portfolio

UNDERTAKES transactions on your behalf

Record keeping
HANDLES all reporting and record keeping

PROVIDES an engagement platform between you and your investment manager

Secure login
GIVES you a secure login to your investor portal, accessible 24/7

Meanwhile, our fees are low, clearly explained, and easy to understand.

And if for any reason you want to change investment managers, all it takes is a couple of clicks.

By employing a professional investment manager, you’ll not only be partnering with someone who has a great deal of expertise and knowledge, you’ll be freeing yourself of the hassle of stock selection and sell decisions, and minimising risk while maximising return (based on your preferred risk profile).

Only credible, well-credentialed, experienced investment managers are available on OpenInvest, and you only select one when you’re ready to do so (although we think it won’t be too long before you find one you feel very comfortable dealing with).