Our Story

More power to unadvised investors

Nowhere is the maxim ‘knowledge is power’ more apt than in personal investment.

As an individual investor, you probably don't have the time to do huge amounts of research to gain the knowledge that will ensure your portfolio is made up of the right shares, bonds and other securities, diversified across the right industries and the right countries.

This is what professional investment management companies do. This is all they do. They have the people with the education, training, expertise, and access to huge volumes of information, to make these decisions. Yet there are often barriers that stop investors finding an outstanding investment manager.

We started OpenInvest to provide a clear, effective, transparent way for you to access the best available investment management expertise.

We want to break down the barriers, share the knowledge, and empower you.

Our Premise

OpenInvest believes that most investors will be significantly better off – not only financially but also in terms of their peace of mind and general wellbeing – with an expert financial adviser and/or a professional investment management firm managing their portfolio.

Even if you've been able to run your portfolio without any significant problems to date, you might be dangerously exposed to risks that you're not even aware of. You might be missing something that you’ll be kicking yourself about in six months. And you worry about that.

You wish there was an easy way for you to investigate and understand what each of the different investment managers is offering, what they stand for, and how they're thinking about financial markets in Australia and internationally and then, through a simple process, to hire the right one to manage your portfolio on your behalf.

Welcome to the solution: OpenInvest.

We’ve designed and built OpenInvest to give you and all other investors – whether you have a small or large portfolio, and whether it’s in your SMSF or not - a way to find the investment manager that's right for you, in your own good time and with no pressure to make a decision or commitment.

As the name implies, our service is accessible and transparent.

Everything is explained in plain language. There are no hidden costs – our fees are outlined up front and nothing will ever come as a surprise. And, crucially, there are no conflicts of interest, so you can be confident your choice is always your choice, free of undue influence or interference.

You can read relevant articles and watch the managers discuss key issues in interviews and debates to help you understand what they stand for and how they're thinking.

Whether you need a broad range of information or something specific before deciding, you select an investment manager to manage your portfolio only when you feel ready.

Our Motivation

We believe that the skills and knowledge of professional investment managers are underutilised, if not undervalued, by many individual investors.

Yet your wariness of the wealth advice industry is perfectly understandable. We’ve all been shocked by reports of conflicts of interest, hidden fees and charges, and supposedly trustworthy financial institutions essentially putting self-interest ahead of their clients’ best interests.

It shouldn’t be like that. You can find an investment management company that will really look after you. We think you just need to look in the right place, with the right tools, and with the time and space to make a decision you’re comfortable with when you’re comfortable.

This is your platform, developed by investors for investors.

In providing access to the investment managers through the OpenInvest Marketplace you can be sure we are doing so with no prejudice, no hidden agendas, and no financial incentives to steer you in any particular direction (our fee remains the same regardless of which investment manager and model portfolio you choose).

Our Commitment

We make a binding commitment* to you:

  • to always put your interests first;
  • to never try to steer you toward one manager over another;
  • to ensure we earn the same administration fee no matter which investment manager you select, so we never have an incentive to favour some over the others;
  • to only allow investment managers onto the platform who have the expertise, credentials, resources and regulatory approvals to manage a properly diversified portfolio on your behalf;
  • to never get in the way of the experts doing their job;
  • to never become an investment manager ourselves (as this would be a clear conflict of interest).

The founders of OpenInvest have many years of experience in building and delivering investment platforms for financial advisers to use on behalf of their clients.

Now, we’ve launched the Australian market's first investment platform for the direct investor.

We hope you find it engaging, stimulating and valuable. And please, drop us a line at any time with your feedback and suggestions.

*We actually make this commitment in our legal documents, so it really is binding.