Why OpenInvest?

Giving you unprecedented access to the world’s leading Investment Managers

Have you ever wished for an easy and affordable way to access professional investing help where you remain in control, where everything is transparent and understandable? Where some of the world’s leading Investment Managers compete to help you reach your investment goals?

Even if you've managed your investment portfolio without any significant problems to date, you might be dangerously exposed to risks you're not aware of. It’s natural you might worry about that.

That’s why we created OpenInvest!

Whether you're a small, large, new, experienced, complex, simple, new or experienced investor, OpenInvest gives you a way to ‘match’ with the Investment Manager that's right for you - in your own time, with no pressure to decide or commitment.

  • We are transparent – As the OPEN in our name implies, our service is accessible and transparent. There are no hidden costs – our fees are outlined up front and nothing will ever come as a surprise. And, crucially, there are no conflicts of interest, so you can be confident your choice is always your choice, free of undue influence or interference.
  • We give you open access, whoever you are – everyone deserves access to investment portfolios managed by world-class Investment Managers  – families and individuals at every level, not just the wealthy.
  • We speak in plain English, not industry jargon - everything is ex-plain-ed in language that’s easy to understand. You won’t have to devote countless hours to Investopedia working out what we’re talking about.
  • We make it easy – No need to navigate reams of explanations and lists of products. Just 4 simple steps and you’re invested.
  • We put our money where our mouth is - Our binding commitment to you:
    • to always put your interests first
    • to never try to steer you toward one Investment Manager over another
    • to only allow investment managers onto the platform who have the expertise, credentials, resources and regulatory approvals to manage a diversified portfolio on your behalf
    • to never get in the way of the experts doing their job
    • to never become an Investment Manager ourselves - as this would be a clear conflict of interest.
    • We hope you find the OpenInvest community engaging, stimulating and valuable.

And please, drop us a line at any time with your feedback and suggestions. Our door is always OPEN!