Why OpenInvest?

Unprecedented Access + Low Fees

Think of OpenInvest as your key to the world of top investment management companies. OpenInvest has, for the first time, unlocked the door to Australia’s and the world’s best investment managers, a door that was previously difficult to open without either millions of dollars or your own financial adviser.

Not only can you now access this exceptional expertise, but you get to hear from these investment managers in their own words so you have the most relevant information to enable you to choose one you are completely comfortable with.

At the same time, we have cut out the middlemen – with the associated fees and time lag – so that you essentially have a direct interface, through our unique platform, to these expert firms.

OpenInvest has revolutionised access to investment management so that you no longer need millions to have these investment managers managing your personal portfolio.

You don’t need the millions. You don’t need to know the right people. You don’t need to be a member of the right club.

You just need OpenInvest.

The OpenInvest Marketplace

The OpenInvest Marketplace
Open to all so you can get comfortable with:
- the thought processes of professional investment managers
- insights into a wide range of investment topics from their subject-matter experts
- what investing is really all about (via our Learning Centre)

Register as a User

Register as a user
For your own personalised OpenInvest experience with:
- content directly from your preferred Investment Manager(s)
- insights curated to deliver information about the topics that interest you
- behavioural finance quizzes to better understand your investing personality

Become an Investor

Become an investor
For your own investment portfolio managed by your chosen investment manager with:
- a steady flow of information from your investment manager, outlining why your portfolio looks like it does
- invitations to events, including webinars, to keep you up to speed
- 24/7 transparency, control, and peace of mind

Why you need professional investment management

Everyone makes better decisions, in all aspects of their lives, with more information and more time to process it.

All investors want to make the best possible decisions about what to do with their money, and that takes a lot of time, a great deal of research, a degree of acumen to interpret data, and the capability to monitor global trends.

However, the world is changing faster than ever, making it even harder to keep up. Some things are bound to happen before we have the chance to see them coming, let alone understand them fully.

Investment management firms have the people and resources to professionally research companies, share prices, economies, policies, and data from around the world.

You simply can’t come close to doing all that yourself by reading articles in newspapers and magazines or even subscribing to investment newsletters.

The Investment Managers

Not all investment managers are the same, however, all those on OpenInvest have been vetted to ensure they meet our high standards of ethical behaviour, depth of resources, and expertise.

That means you can’t go wrong by choosing any one of them.

It’s entirely up to you to determine the criteria for making that choice: whatever it might be about their thinking and/or approach that appeals to you will make it the right choice for you.

Please feel free to take advantage of our interactive Know Thyself quizzes which have been designed to help point you in the right direction by assessing your situation, preferences and priorities.

Choosing an Investment Manager

What you should know about choosing an Investment
Manager through the OpenInvest Marketplace

Choosing an Investment Manager

All Investment Managers meet OpenInvest’s high standards.
You can view a detailed profile of each Investment Manager.
The Insights offered by each Investment Manager will give you an idea of their approach to investing.
You should choose an Investment Manager that suits you only when you're ready.