For Accountants

Helping you help your clients

We've developed some resources that allow you to offer factual information that might steer people toward a solution that will work for them.

As Australian investors now have several ways they can directly access a professionally-managed diversified portfolio, that they can select according to their financial objectives, needs and circumstances, without going through a financial planner, we have created a Fact Sheet that outlines those options.

Here are some more resources that you might find helpful:

How OpenInvest works

An overview of how OpenInvest empowers self-directed investors to choose how their wealth is managed, providing direct access to portfolios designed to meet their needs.


Information for accountants & advisers

This brochure offers some useful information on how you can help your clients with their investment portfolios without giving any financial advice.


A case study

As an exercise for the CA ANZ National SMSF Conference, we prepared this Case Study to illustrate how a family with a number of specific needs might arrange their investments.


Fact sheet for clients

This Fact Sheet is designed to be handed to clients so that they can assess their options for directly accessing a professionally-managed diversified portfolio.


A helping hand for self-directed investors

In the October-November 2019 edition of CA ANZ's Acuity magazine, CEO Andrew Varlamos explains “OpenInvest is designed to work in with how accountants want to work”.


Learning Centre

Some general articles about investing that might provide some useful background for your clients, particularly on the subject of behavioural finance.

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