Access to the world’s leading Investment Managers

To empower your self-directed SMSF clients

OpenInvest provides unprecedented access for Australian investors to the resources and expertise of global Investment Managers, so you can be confident they will be in safe hands.

Do your self-directed SMSF clients need help with their investment portfolio? Do they understand the importance of diversification, but struggle to achieve this?

Research shows many self-directed SMSF trustees need and want help with their investment portfolios, but don’t know where to go to find trusted proven expertise.

OpenInvest is the perfect solution for your self-directed clients looking for professional help with their investment portfolio. OpenInvest is an independent online marketplace, offering open access to multi-asset class, diversified, low-cost portfolios managed by world-class Investment Managers.

You are not providing financial advice - your clients choose their preferred Investment Manager, and the style of portfolio that suits them. 

You can make your clients aware of OpenInvest via Factual Information (see resources available below).


Game changing access to Diversified Portfolios constructed and managed by the world’s largest Investment Managers.

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Industry Advocates

“Accountants do not have an obligation to make their self-directed SMSF trustees aware of the risks they are taking in trying to make their own investment decisions, or highlighting safe destinations where they can choose a world-class asset manager to help them manage their portfolio. However, it’s the smart thing to do: it helps trustees, and reinforces why you’re their most trusted adviser, constantly looking out for them.”
 - David Smith, Principal, Smithink, former President Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and non-executive director of OpenInvest

“As Australia’s largest provider of SMSF administration software, we know the issues that our 6,000+ clients and the trustees of their 230,000+ SMSFs are focused on. For a variety of reasons, it’s extremely challenging for self-directed SMSFs to feel confident they have got their investment strategy right. We welcome the OpenInvest initiative, bringing the expertise of world-class investment managers to SMSF trustees.”
 - Ron Lesh, Founder and Managing Director, BGL Corporate Solutions, and OpenInvest shareholder

“The SMSF sector is an amazing success story, and something all of us can be proud of: 600,000 SMSFs , with 1.1 million members. In my experience, trustees understand the vital importance of making the best possible investment decisions. In an increasingly complex world, every trustee should consider the wisdom of accessing the highest quality professional assistance.”
 - Andrew Hamilton, Managing Director Hamilton & Associates, Chair SMSF Association, and member of the OpenInvest advisory board

“We deal with a lot of accounting firms, all of them eager to ensure their SMSF clients are doing everything possible to maximise the long-term value of their fund in a way that addresses the myriad risks involved in investing. In my view, making self-directed SMSF clients aware of their options via the provision of Factual Information is definitely best practice.”
 - Kath Bowler, General Manager Holley Nethercote, and member of the OpenInvest advisory board

Digital Managed Portfolio Solution

  • Designed specifically for self-directed SMSFs
  • Content-rich and engaging
  • Empowers your clients to choose their own Investment Manager to assist them

No AFSL needed

  • Factual information, not financial advice
  • Enables your clients to make better investment decisions
  • Protecting themselves and their families

Your clients will be better off, and happier

  • Their chosen Investment Manager makes key investment decisions
  • The professionals manage investment risk
  • Simple and transparent fee model, no conflicts of interest

An investing solution for grown-ups

  • Access to reputable, trusted, global Investment Managers
  • The Premier League of Investment Managers
  • No individual trading, crypto , CFDs, or green-washing – only diversified model portfolios


Information and resources to help you make your clients aware as to how they can make better investment decisions.

How OpenInvest works

An overview of how OpenInvest empowers self-directed investors to choose how their wealth is managed, providing direct access to portfolios designed to meet their needs.

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Information for Accountants

This brochure offers some useful information on how you can help your clients with their investment portfolios without giving any financial advice.

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Factual Information for Clients

This Fact Sheet is designed to be handed to clients so that they can explore options for directly accessing their choice of professionally-managed diversified portfolios. Provision of the Fact Sheet does not constitute financial advice, as long as no recommendation is made. 

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Learning Centre

Some general articles about investing that might provide some useful background for your clients, particularly on the subject of behavioural finance.

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