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At Schroders, asset management is our business and our goals are aligned with those of our clients to create long-term value.

The Schroders brand embodies the traditional tenets of excellence, innovation and integrity. These values are evident in everything we do, including our client service.
InvestSense is a portfolio construction company founded in 2014 by a team that has been working together for more than 8 years. Each founding member of the team has at least 18 years of experience in financial markets.

As client-centric investment managers, our overriding mission is to de-mystify the investment process for individuals by being as transparent as possible in our actions and in how we explain the decisions made on behalf of our clients.
Shaw and Partners is one of Australia’s preeminent investment and wealth management firms. We are privately owned and client focused, having helped our clients manage and grow their financial assets for over 30 years. Our emphasis on integrity has enabled us to achieve very high levels of client satisfaction, while unlocking opportunities of significant value.
SG Hiscock & Company is a multi-award-winning boutique fund manager based in Melbourne specialising in Australian Equities and Property Securities – including Australian and Global Real Estate Investment Trusts. In 2016 we launched the SGH Private Client Portfolio unit with the integration of a leading individually managed account offering. We were established in 2001 by six of our principals and are entirely owned by our staff.

Clime applies a consistent objective-based approach to identifying attractive investment opportunities to deliver strong risk-adjusted total returns. Our investment objectives are aligned with our client’s goals and centred on helping everyday Australians achieve security in their retirement. In managing our clients’ investments, our goals are to:
• Grow retirement savings;
• Guard these along the way; and
• Generate meaningful income in retirement.

We are firm believers in the old adage that “the best way to make money, is to not lose it in the first place”. In developing our investment solutions, Clime considers multiple asset classes including Australian equities, global equities, fixed income, property, hybrid securities, debt and cash to focus on the best ideas and opportunities for our clients. Our objective is to deliver a smooth profile of returns over a five to seven-year investment horizon.

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JBWere is a pre-eminent financial services organisation with unparalleled knowledge and experience in Australasian markets and far-reaching capabilities that extend into global markets. The principles of integrity and dedicated client service, astute market knowledge and a commitment to excellence are ingrained in the firm’s culture. These values, combined with quality research and investment products, make JBWere a trusted partner for many investors.

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