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The role of personality in investment decision-making

Simon Russell explains how the Big 5 personality traits relate to different aspects of investment decision-making.

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Discussing key myths surrounding SMSFs

An Investor Insights report, prepared by the SMSF Association for SMSF Week 2018, addressing 5 key issues for SMSFs.

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Identifying your investing blindspots

Just as we have visual blindspots, people have psychological ones that represent gaps in our knowledge and understanding.

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The most important Truth in investing: Risk and Return are always correlated

You should choose a diversified portfolio that aims to maximise returns without taking you out of your risk comfort zone

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Investor behaviour is interesting, but how can it help me?

There's much to be learned from the behaviour of other investors ... or, more specifically, the way lots of other investors behave.

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The importance of diversification

In 1952, an American economist named Harry Markowitz devised Modern Portfolio Theory, which takes the 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' concept a few steps further.

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Choosing the Model Portfolio category that's right for you

You should understand both your circumstances and your 'investor personality' so that you can decide whether you will feel better with a more cautious portfolio or a more growth-oriented one.

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What exactly do investment managers do?

In the world of investment management, success is all about making decisions from a constant stream of new information.

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How investment manager marketing has changed

Every investment manager faces a crucial and ongoing business question: who should we market to?

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