Discussing key myths surrounding SMSFs

This Investor Insights report was prepared by the SMSF Association for SMSF Week 2018.

Foreword by Andrew Varlamos, CEO, OpenInvest:

The SMSF sector is large, thriving, and growing all the time, so it’s extremely important that we continue to not only monitor the behaviours and trends of existing SMSFs and their trustees, but anticipate and provide for their needs.

We also need to assess and be able to advise and comment on any legislative and broader economic issues that have the potential to impact on the way so many Australians are now preparing for their retirement.

Whatever tools and resources we are able to bring to the table to help SMSF trustees get it right, so that they can enjoy the dignified, fulfilling, and enjoyable retirement they desire and deserve, should be commended.

The SMSF Association does an excellent job of representing the SMSF sector and its one million trustees, and this research report exemplifies the value it provides.

There is little doubt that there are several myths and misconceptions – if not actual confusion – about when setting up an SMSF is the right approach, as well as what SMSF trustees can and should do in order to ensure they are managing a compliant, diversified and successful fund. Consequently, I expect that the findings of this report will be of great interest not only to all SMSF trustees but also to the specialist professionals who assist and advise them.

All of us who have an interest in the continued growth and overall success of the SMSF sector must keep working hard and remain fully informed so that we can assist SMSFs to achieve their goals.

OpenInvest is proud to be a sponsor of this report and the SMSF Association.

Discussing key myths surrounding SMSFs SMSF Investor Insights:
Discussing key myths surrounding SMSFs



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