Our Story

More power to unadvised investors

OpenInvest was founded by Warren, James and Andrew in 2017. They had worked together in Melbourne for many years building investment platforms for financial advisers to help their clients with professionally-managed investment portfolios.

Their idea: OpenInvest. A solution that everyone can use. A solution that gives all Australians the OPEN ACCESS they deserved to the world’s biggest and best Investment Managers.

Most individual investors don't have the time to do huge amounts of research required to build a portfolio made up of the right shares, ETFs and managed funds diversified across the right companies, industry sectors, regions, countries and asset classes giving them the best chance of meeting their investment goals.

This is what professional Investment Management companies do.  Their people have the education, expertise and experience to make sense of the huge volumes of data they assess and interpret in order to make these decisions. Yet it’s not been easy (or even possible) to access these expert companies directly.

That is, until OpenInvest.

“We built OpenInvest to provide a simple and transparent way for all Australians to access the enormous wealth of resources and expertise of the world’s leading Investment Managers.”

Our mission is to break down the barriers, share the knowledge, and empower you.

EVERYTHING we do is centred on our commitment to delivering the best and most open service possible so that you can be significantly better off – not only financially but also with greater peace of mind – with world-class investment management firms managing your portfolio.