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All fees and costs are inclusive of GST.

Fees & Costs
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This includes:

Management Fee, part of which is paid to the manager for making investment decisions for your portfolio, and part of which is retained by the Administrator for their services in administering your portfolio. This fee is deducted directly from your account.

Indirect Cost, which is the cost of any underlying managed funds and/or ETFs in this Model Portfolio. This amount is not deducted from your account, but is charged within any managed fund or ETF present in your portfolio.

Transaction Costs, which is an estimate of the costs incurred in transacting for your portfolio over this time period, including transaction costs levied by the Administrator and those charged by any underlying managed fund in this Model Portfolio via what is called the buy-sell spread.

  • You pay zero brokerage for trades on the ASX
  • You retain all interest earned on cash
  • No hidden fees or charges

The fees and costs shown above relates to the ongoing cost of managing your portfolio.
One-off cost:

Entry Cost, is the one-off cost of transactions to invest $0 into this model portfolio, which is $ -.

All fees and costs are inclusive of GST.
Please refer to the current PDS for a detailed description of fees.