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Welcome to Know Thyself

Explore and understand your investing personality and capabilities by taking these quizzes, created for OpenInvest by Simon Russell, a specialist in how behaviour and choices influence financial outcomes. 

Test yourself, see how you stack up alongside your friends and find out more about investing - before you make any decisions - with the confidence of knowing thyself.

To get started we invite you to take Quiz 1 and unlock the pathway to your inner investor.
Quiz 1
Getting to know you
(5 Questions, 2 minutes)
Quiz 2
Your thinking styles & preferences
(10 Questions, 5 minutes)
Quiz 3
Your views on risk, loss & confidence
(4 Questions, 3 minutes)
Quiz 4
Your investing habits & behaviours
(11 Questions, 6 minutes)
Quiz 5
Your skills & experience
(6 Questions, 2 minutes)
Quiz 6
Your learning & development
(5 Questions, 3 minutes)
Quiz 7
Your personal well-being
(4 Questions, 2 minutes)
Quiz 8
Your future self
(7 Questions, 4 minutes)
Quiz 9
Working with other decision-makers
(9 Questions, 4 minutes)
Quiz 10
Choosing an investment manager
(5 Questions, 3 minutes)